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We are fortunate to work with Jeff and Kelsey Cook at DreamHorseAZ. Jeff is a trainer who specalizes in Mustangs. He has competed in a number of Extreme Mustang Makeover events and done exceptionally well. He was invited to the 2018 Mustang Magic. He put the first 100 days on Fame and the initial rides on Granite. Both Fame and Granite will go on to change the lives of our nation's veterans.  Click Here to sponsor Fame and Granite's training.

Charlie Five's founder, Jeremy Svejcar, was accepted to the Semper Fi Fund Apprenticeship Program. The program assists qualifying post-9/11 service members in the development of  training and education plans, goals, timelines in an effort to establish meaningful trades, careers or small business opportunities. 

The apprenticeship provided Charlie Five with the capital to complete a majority of the training facilities to get going. 

By working with the Jinx McCain Horsemanship program, Jeremy attends beneficial clinics to help him build his skills as a trainer. 

Click here or more information about the Semper Fi Fund

Charlie Five goes to Cowboy Christmas in Las Vegas

Whether doing groundwork or riding, training starts in the round pen. We are grateful for the hard work that Boy Scout Troop 166 put in building ours for a Scout's Eagle Badge! Thanks to these young men, their parents and all the donors that made this essential piece of equipment possible!

Boy Scout Troop 166 Eagle Scout Project

What an incredible trip! We met up with our good friend, Genevieve Allen and she introduced us to all kinds of wonderful people! Thanks to all for your kind words, encouragement and support. Click the photos to be directed to these folks websites. 

What's Happening?

Partnership with Dreamhorse AZ

Semper Fi Fund Apprenticeship Program