Charlie Five's Objective:

- Provide horses with purpose and perpetuate growth of equine assisted therapy programs.

- Provide horses at no cost to equine oriented therapy programs

- Provide training, initial boarding facilities, and equipment for training to most equines.

- Raise awareness for programs that

challenge and inspire Veterans to overcome obstacles​

If there is one thing that Val pounded into Jeremy's head it is: "Consistency, consistency, consistency. Repetition, repetition, repetition. That's how you get a horse to be soft, supple and flexible." We typically like to go to the foundation of the animal's training. What they do in the round pen will help us determine where the animal is. As we gain the horse's trust, we move into desensitizing or "sacking out" using pressure and release. The ultimate goal is to get the horse to a place where it is not phased by things like barking dogs, tarps flapping in the wind and noisy, playful children. 

Equine assisted therapy programs are growing because they work. From Veterans with PTSD to children with developmental disabilities, lifelong horse lovers already know that once a horse gets a hold of your soul it's almost as if the rest of the world goes away. 

Running a nonprofit organization can be extremely tough because many run on a limited budget with limited staff. Unless your program is developed to teach people to be trainers, why not let us do the work? 

Charlie Five's mission is to provide horses with purpose and perpetuate growth of equine assisted therapy programs and raise awareness for organizations that challenge and inspire our nations combat veterans.